In the Beginning…


I must be crazy. With two very small children I already struggle to maintain a clean and orderly household, and now I’ve decided to add a blog to the mix.

Yup, I’m crazy. So, why am I doing this?

I’ve always enjoyed writing (well… my mom, aka my homeschool teacher, might tell you otherwise), and I got the itch to start typing my thoughts a few months ago. It actually began with a comment a good friend of mine made.  I was sharing with her how even though I’m technically a Pastor’s Wife, I never view myself that way. Her response? “But you are. You are a Pastor’s Wife.”

Well, I suppose that’s true.

Ever since then I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know) about how I can be a little more intentional about this unique role in which God has placed me. I am becoming more and more certain that a blog is the way to go. Because I’m a Pastor’s Wife. I’m a Pastor’s Wife, and I’m NOT perfect. I’m a Pastor’s Wife and I do NOT have it all together. My heart is to follow Jesus, but there are plenty of days I struggle to find time to connect with Him amidst the tantrums of a toddler and a baby who doesn’t sleep.

So, I’m starting up this blog in hopes that anyone who might read it comes away encouraged. I would like this to be a place that honors others, that breathes a little LIFE into some tired souls, and perhaps puts a smile on a few faces as I share my many blunders. I hope to write about issues that moms face, share with you things I’m learning, highlight some people who have made an impact in my life, and of course dote on my little family.

And, most of all, I pray everything written here brings glory to the name of our LORD. May He always be our first love and satisfaction.

“Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.” (Psalm 90:14, NLT)