Sweet Tooth

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Helping with cookies

I’ve got a new hobby. I’ve been at it for about a year and a half and it’s probably the worst hobby you can have as a mom wanting to lose the baby weight.

I like to decorate cakes and cookies.

The interest began around the time I made my oldest daughter’s first birthday “cake”. My mom always made fun cakes for our birthdays, and I wanted to continue the tradition!

Cupcakes in baby food jars!

I actually began said hobby when I signed up for a cake decorating class at my local Michaels. My daughter’s second birthday was nearing and I thought I could use my new tools to make her a pretty cake. Well, we celebrated her birthday before I learned the pretty things, so this is what she got:

ABC Cake

When I first got my handy little box of decorating tools, I was itching to try them out. I don’t advise this, but it was Valentine’s Day and I wanted to do something fun. I didn’t even know how to put the tips on my icing bags, so the result was messy gobs of icing everywhere!

Disastrous heart cookies. At least they tasted good!

Those cookies were terribly ugly. I was pretty discouraged, but decided not to give up until I actually took the class.

And, I must mention, this class was a ridiculous thing for me to attempt. I was 9 months pregnant, and it was 4 weeks worth of classes. That’s right. The final class was to take place a week before my due date.

This was so dumb. Please heed my words. Do NOT sign up for a cake decorating class the month before your baby is to be born. It was so much more work than I imagined! In addition to a 2 hour class each week, I spent several hours on my feet preparing icing and goodies for the next class.

Silly as the whole idea was, I managed to make a pretty cake and graduate from my class:

A cake in honor of the new baby-to-be!
I was just happy to finish before baby came!

Those results were a bit better than the crazy heart cookies, so after baby was born I was ready to try out my new skills. Our small group was the perfect place to have an excuse to bake.

Heart cookies take 2.
Tree of Life cake for our Life small group.

Since then, I’ve made treats for a few other occasions:

Thanksgiving cookies.
Snowflakes for Christmas.
Rosette cake for my girls’ birthdays.
Sprinkle cake for a friend.

I’m pretty pleased with the progress I’ve made! Hubby and I are getting ready to celebrate our birthdays, so I’d like to make something that could work for both of us. What should I make?? Cookies or cake? What should be the theme?? I would love your input!