A Time to Meet

A Time to Meet

Have you ever thought about the fact that the King of the Universe invites us to speak to Him personally?

How would you feel if you were given the opportunity to grab coffee one-on-one with one of your favorite celebrities? Or a chance to receive personal training by the person you admire most in your job/craft/hobby/passion? Wouldn’t we drop everything for such an opportunity?

Our prayer life with God is like that… but taken to the next level. It’s more than that once-in-a-lifetime 30-minute coffee appointment, more than a 2-hour training session. It’s a lifetime of Him whispering a personal invitation to meet with Him, talk with Him, and get to know Him on a personal level. 

Beyond the ability to have a conference with the King to get His perspective on the latest politics, we can know who He is. We can dine at His table, receive His counsel, express our frustrations, and make known our requests all while He seeks to know us better in return.

I was once told that God seeks our friendship. Isn’t that such a beautiful element of prayer? God didn’t create humans simply to leave us to figure out our lives on our own. Rather, just as He invites us to spend time with Him, He longs to be invited into the inner workings of our lives. He is ready to get in the mess with us. He wants to be the place you turn for a vent session. He desires that you express the deepest needs of your heart to Him. He looks forward to every second you carve out of your day to just check in and say “hello”. 

God is all-knowing. Do we really have to tell Him our needs for Him to know them? Of course not. He knows it all before we even utter a sound. But doesn’t it make it so much more meaningful that we should entrust it to Him? There is a difference between knowing about a thing, and being included in a thing. 

He sees us pushing, striving, running, and seeking advice from all sources but Him. What He wouldn’t give for us to turn to Him so that He can lift our burdens and tell us how much He loves us.

God isn’t a moody taskmaster we have to tip-toe around to keep from setting Him off. He invites us to spend time with Him because He cares and He wants to ease our pain and suffering. The more we meet with Him, the less weight we end up carrying.

Don’t ignore His request. Just like you would if that celebrity wanted to meet with you, give Him priority above all else. Take a moment and thank Him for His invitation. Mark your meeting time on your calendar and show up early. You won’t regret it.

“Look! I Stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” Revelation 3:20

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