30 Days of Thankfulness: Amelia & Kristina

I love sharing about my friends! I have been blessed with such a great group of ladies surrounding me and I love each one of them so dearly. Today, I get to tell you why I am thankful for my friends Amelia and Kristina.


I love this gal. She is one of those people who makes you feel so good just by being around her. Amelia and I were able to hang out one-on-one a few weeks ago, and I left that conversation completely uplifted. We sat at Starbucks chatting about all sorts of things: fun things, life transitions, hard questions. I think we were both sad that we couldn’t stay longer!

Amelia got married earlier this year, and when she did, she asked if my daughter could be a flower girl in her wedding. This kind of role is usually reserved for family members, so it was extra special that she wanted my little girl to participate. The truth is, Amelia and the rest of her family have always treated my daughter like she was a member of their family. I’m not sure if there is anything that speaks more to a momma’s heart than seeing someone else love her child.

Amelia Wedding
Yes, that is my daughter under the veil. Amelia looked like a princess on her wedding day, and I love that she had so much fun with my daughter!

Shortly after my second baby was born, my husband informed me that I needed to find someone to watch our girls for our anniversary. We were going to have a small getaway for 24 hours. My baby was only two months old, exclusively breastfeeding, and waking up multiple times a night. I was a little anxious about the idea, but Amelia happily agreed to watch them. She even practiced giving the baby a bottle beforehand! Amelia, I don’t believe you can fully understand this until you have children, but asking you to watch my infant says more about how I admire your character than anything else.

Amelia is also extremely talented and has a heart for worship. She sings for the worship team on Sundays and leads at Cultivate on Thursday evenings. She has developed a beautiful skill in calligraphy, and I believe she will be able to do great things with her talent. Amelia, you are a precious individual and I thank God that I am able to call you friend.


Kristina is one of those people who is fun and easy to hang out with. Have you ever felt like having conversations was hard work? Kristina is the opposite of that. It doesn’t matter who you are: if she just met you or if she has known you for years. Kristina has this amazing ability to carry on a conversation and make whoever she is talking to feel special.

I’m always impressed by Kristina’s ability to thrive on being involved in numerous activities. She is what my husband calls “high-capacity.” I am not this. Whatever Kristina does, she does well and with all of her heart. She puts time and energy into it. She has volunteered in various capacities at Daystar over the years, she is a full-time teacher who loves on her students, and is always connecting with people outside of work and church.


Kristina and her hubby, Pastor Ian, are going to be welcoming a baby boy into their family! Love this precious family!

One of my favorite memories, is the day I called Kristina to tell her I was pregnant. My husband was going to share our news of baby number two with the church staff, and since Kristina’s hubby is a campus pastor, I wanted her to hear the news directly from me. I happened to catch her on a lunch break, so I quickly told her about our excitement. Her response? “Seriously!? Me too!!” Turns out, Kristina was expecting her first child, and our due dates were only three days apart! We even ended up being neighbors at the hospital. Our daughters were born just 1 1/2 days apart. I love that we got to share something so special together.

Kristina, I love your passion for people and how natural you are as a mommy. It is such a joy that we get to walk the journey of ministry and motherhood together. I am so glad to have you in my life!

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