30 Days of Thankfulness: Worship & Production Staff

Many years ago, when I first began attending Daystar Church, there was one guy in charge of all things worship and tech. That guy is now my husband. Things have changed quite a bit since then, which gives me a huge appreciation for Chris, Kierre, Trevor, and Steve.

Production Staff 2
In addition to creating videos for Daystar, Trevor is also over the college ministry.

The biggest change since having these guys join the staff, is the fact that my husband no longer has to be at all the things. He still goes to most things because he loves his work, but there is a huge difference between going because you want to and going because there is no other option.

Production Staff
Steve with his lovely wife, Rachel, and their precious new baby in the background!

But let me make this clear. This option doesn’t exist simply because there are more people on the Worship & Production staff. It exists because they are trustworthy people who are good at what they do. For instance, here is just a taste of what these guys are up to on any given day:

  • Service planning. This involves making sure everything flows smoothly, works for all teams across all campuses, ties in with the message, and ultimately brings people to worship Jesus.
  • Making new music. Have you heard Daystar Worship’s album, King of Glory? Phenomenal. This team oversaw the writing of the lyrics, music, rehearsals, putting on concerts, lighting, sound, making videos…all with excellence.
  • Creating a culture of worship. No matter the situation (Cultivate, Sunday morning, Revival, Concerts) these guys make the focus of the event all about bringing glory to God’s name. They encourage each other and their team. Worship is not about being in the spotlight, it is about honoring the the name of Jesus. These guys do a fantastic job at keeping the focus where it should be.
  • Raising up leaders. One of the most important things any leader can do is raise up the next generation of leaders. The Worship and Production staff are constantly investing in the lives of their team members as they train them musically, technically, and spiritually. I have seen so many people transition to leadership positions as they have grown in this ministry.
Worship Staff
Chris, Kierre, and my hubby. They are proud of their second album release: King of Glory!

Of course, this just touches on their responsibilities. The newest stage design at the Downtown Campus is amazing. At least one, if not all, of these guys will be at any given service at Daystar; including Sunday morning, the Spanish Campus, the youth service, the college ministry, and special events. Then there are things like making sure all of the equipment is taken care of and is in proper working order. Also, have you seen the awesome videos produced at Daystar?

Chris, Kierre, Trevor, and Steve: thank you for all that you do. I see your sacrifice and I see your heart for the Lord. It is so great to have you on our team!

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