30 Days of Thankfulness: The People of Blue Apron

One of the hardest parts about being a grown-up, in my opinion, is meal planning. I’ve used several methods over the years; some more successful than others:

  • The “Don’t Plan Anything and Eat Out All the Time” method. Easy on the schedule, hard on the budget.
  • The “Run to the Grocery Store without a List” method. Utter chaos. Too much or too little food, and always too many snacks. Inevitably, there is always one major ingredient missing from each meal.
  • The “Use a Meal Planning Service” method. Until now, this was my most successful option, but it still required planning. I always needed to pare down the number of meals, edit my grocery list, and of course find all the things at the store. Certain menus required hopping around grocery stores to find all my ingredients.

In short, meal planning does not come naturally to me. Given a recipe, I can cook just about anything. I simply don’t enjoy the planning process. Or even going to the grocery store.

So, then, there was that glorious day I came across a random Instagram post about something called “Blue Apron”. Out of curiosity, I looked it up. No lie, my heart sang for joy at the information I found! Here is a basic breakdown of my Blue Apron experience:

What: Every Friday I get a box delivered to my door. It includes recipes and all the ingredients I need to make three delicious meals.

All the ingredients (except the fish, oops) for Crispy Cod & Spiced Couscous 
The result! Yummy!

Cost: My plan is $60/week for 3 meals. This plan is intended for two people, but it has been perfect for my husband and I and our two little girls. Eventually, we will get a family plan.

Why do I love it?

  • The food is SO good. Last week, one of the meals was Chicken Khao Soi Soup. I don’t even know how to pronounce that, but it was so delicious that my 19 month old practically painted herself with broth in the effort to get every last ounce.
  • We are never bored and try lots of new things! I’ve used vegetables like endives, rainbow chard, and fennel. We eat hamburgers, fish, and lettuce wraps. I seriously feel like I am eating at a fancy restaurant three nights a week!
  • I don’t have to plan a wink. Sure, I still have to buy breakfast, lunch, and a couple extra dinners at the grocery store, but those things are simple. On the nights we don’t have Blue Apron, we keep it super easy with meals like tacos or salad.
  • The number of meals have been perfect. I don’t feel forced to eat at home. We don’t have enough for leftovers, but I like that we aren’t wasting food.
  • The $60 has been worth every penny. We are actually saving money on groceries and dining out because we are planning well and eating everything we buy. My meal planning stress has completely disappeared.

I am so grateful for the people of Blue Apron. I admit, meal planning isn’t exactly a serious issue, but this service has been a tremendous blessing! Keep it up you guys!

*No, this is not a sponsored post. I just really like Blue Apron. Blue Apron people, should you happen to actually read this, I certainly wouldn’t mind a few free meals. Winky face.*

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