30 Days of Thankfulness: Alexa & Meredith

Perhaps you’ve noticed, or perhaps not, but just about everyone in my life is somehow connected to Daystar. My friends are no exception. I have been friends with Alexa and Meredith for many years, and I was eventually able to see their spouses join the staff team at Daystar. I love having people I love living the life of ministry with me.


Alexa Baptism
You can’t see much of Alexa here, but I had the great honor of standing beside her at her baptism!

You’ve heard me mention this gal before, but mostly in association with her photography. Because seriously, I love the pictures Alexa takes! I may actually have a problem. I tried to count how many sessions she has done for us over the years, and I think we are up to 6! We will most likely continue to have her photograph our family once a year because everybody keeps telling me the years go by fast. What better way to create memories than through pictures?

With or without pictures, I have some fabulous memories from my friendship with Alexa. I remember when she and her now hubby (Pastor Jonathan of the New Garden Campus) were dating. They were the cutest. They both loved Jesus and made it a priority to have Him first in their relationship. They never kissed until their wedding day, and what a special kiss that was! These two are amazing examples to follow.

Alexa's Wedding Day
I’m pretty sure that Alexa was the most excited bride I have ever seen.

When we both added little ones to the mix, our bond grew even closer. She has two boys, I have two girls. Their ages are very similar, yet their personalities are completely different! Alexa is an amazing mommy to these two guys. She’s a few years younger than I am, but I always feel like I can learn from her mommy skills. After all, she was the second of 11 children, so she has a little more experience than I do in the kiddo department!

Kiddos dressed up for Christmas
Our absolutely adorable kiddos were all fancyfied for Christmas Eve services two years ago.

One thing that I find fabulous about Alexa, is her ability to make so many delicious things from scratch. I think that’s the only way she knows how to cook! We asked her to bring bread to a dinner once, and she made her own breadsticks! If you have never tasted her home-made cinnamon rolls, you are missing out. Delicious!

Alexa, it is such a joy to have you as my friend. You are fun to be around and I am always amazed at your ability to stay calm in every parenting situation. I love you!


Meredith and I had known of each other for several years, but we became extremely close about 7 years ago. She and I worked on the same hallway at school, we went to church together on Sundays, she joined the worship team, and we were part of the same small group! It’s like God was saying, “Pssst…you two are going to be great friends. Get to know each other!”

It was a gift having Meredith support me in a time when I felt very alone at work. We worked at a fantastic school – I would recommend it to anyone – but teaching is a profession full of challenges. Meredith helped me talk through various situations, and basically helped me not feel like I was a crazy person. I’m forever grateful for those early morning chats.

Meredith & Amanda
Wow. I pulled this one from the archives. This was taken at our small group one night.

After Seth (Daystar’s Youth Pastor) and Meredith became engaged (ask her that story sometime!), I had the great pleasure of being a bridesmaid in her wedding. I even wore a strapless poofy dress and high heels for the occasion. This shows how much I love her. Their wedding was true to their personalities. It had multiple comedic moments, one of which involved spraying breath freshener right before their first kiss!

Meredith Wedding
Meredith was such a beautiful and classy bride!

Then there was the summer us girls and our hubbies took a trip to Europe together. Rome and Athens. I loved the chance to travel with friends! There was our mock news segment about the ruins, being penalized for taking certain pictures, standing on the same ground where Paul preached, and accidentally ending up in the middle of a not-so-friendly protest. Our trip was a riot. In lots of ways.

Roman Coliseum with Meredith
Because when you are at the Roman Coliseum, you have to pretend to be vicious gladiators.

Of course, I can’t leave out the fact that we experienced our first pregnancies together. Pregnancy is an emotional, scary, exciting, and very new experience. It was so nice to have a friend to share it with. Our baby girls were born only a month apart, and whether they like it or not, they will be friends!

Evidence of friendships forming!

Meredith, you are very special to me. I love you and your family and I am so, so grateful for you!

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