30 Days of Thankfulness: Children’s Ministry Staff

There are four ladies on staff at Daystar Church who I would like to recognize today. These are the gals who get everything organized for children’s ministry on Sundays and special events. Their jobs encompass all things for ages birth through elementary school.

To be honest, I’m not very good at keeping up with who has which responsibilities, so I’m going to give you just a glimpse at some of the things they do to minister to our children.


There is a lot that goes into the curriculum each week for the little ones at Daystar Church. There are materials to be printed, organized, and sent to each campus. There are supplies needed to make all the crafts and activities happen. But the curriculum isn’t simply a time-filler, it is packed with Bible studies for each and every skill level. Even the babies have songs sung to them about the love of Jesus!

Children's Ministry Staff: Kim
Kim with her daughter.

Each week, my girls are sent home with a memory verse. They sing and dance as they praise Jesus during church services. They watch a short video that reinforces the Bible story. No matter the topic, my three year old is always able to tell me some of the details of that day’s lesson. I so appreciate all the effort that goes into teaching my girls on Sundays.

Special Events

There are two main ideas that come to mind when I think of the special events in the children’s ministry: FX and Camp Kidjam.

Both of these programs are designed for elementary school children, but my family has shown up a time or two at FX. Every few months, Daystar hosts a family event that is called FX. This is a huge opportunity for parents to get involved in what their children are learning each week in the children’s ministry. There is a skit with an amazing set, songs, games, a lesson, and prizes. There is nothing better than being able to worship the Lord as a family!

Children's Ministry Staff: Kay & Beth
Kay and Beth are mother and daughter. They make a great team!

So, I don’t really know a lot about Camp Kidjam, as my girls aren’t quite old enough for this one yet. What I do know, is that lives are changed. Each summer, students are given the opportunity to go to camp for a week and every year I hear about the kids from Daystar leading the way in worship. When I was a teacher, I chaperoned a trip to DC each spring. This gives me great appreciation for everyone involved with camp! What’s even better, camp is all about teaching children to seek after Jesus and live their lives for Him.


I am thankful for all of the effort that goes into making sure our children are safe at Daystar.

Each family is required to check in their children before dropping them off at class. Parents are given a sticker with a unique number/letter combination that will be matched to their child’s name-tag when they are picked up. There is also a security team responsible for making sure that only volunteers and family with stickers are entering the children’s area.

Children's Ministry Staff: Kathy
Kathy with her sons.

Speaking of the volunteers, as a matter of safety, each volunteer agrees to a background check before he or she is allowed to serve in Daystar’s children’s ministry. They are also asked to participate in a training called “Darkness to Light” which is geared toward preventing child sexual abuse. I know my children are in good hands when I drop them off on Sundays.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is just a small portion of the responsibilities held by the ladies on the children’s ministry staff. Kay, Kathy, Beth, and Kim, thank you. Thank you for treasuring our children and for doing your jobs well. You are such a significant part of so many children’s lives. You are making an impact for the Kingdom!

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