30 Days of Thankfulness: My Girls

All images in this post were taken by Alexa’s Photography.

I can still vaguely remember what it was like to be married without children. It was nice. We went places and never had to think about how our children would act or if we should get a babysitter. I could shower by myself. We were spontaneous. I wasn’t refereeing fights all day long.

It may have been easier without children, but I wouldn’t change things for the world. They are the highlights of my life and today I am pleased to introduce them to you.

First Born

This girl seems to be my clone in so many ways. I often look at her and feel like I’m looking at an old picture of myself! But it’s not solely her appearance. I always had a fascination for horses growing up, and last Christmas, my sister gave my daughter a little stable filled with plastic horses. It was all she played with for months. She has since transitioned to other toys, but anything to do with horses is her absolute favorite.

I see myself in her when she responds to frustrating situations. She wants so badly to do the right thing, but when baby sister tries to take her toys, she balls her hands up in fists and let’s out a half-scream. I caught myself doing this exact thing the other day.


Then there are ways where she takes after her Daddy. This is primarily through her need to have things orderly and “just so”. Krispy Kreme was having free doughnuts recently, so we excitedly told the girls they were going to get a special treat. This girl’s response? Something to the effect of, “Can we have a different special treat? Doughnuts are messy.”

Having a little sister was a difficult transition for her. We went from reading books together on the couch all day (this was such a blessing while I was pregnant!), to having to share that special one-on-one mommy time. We’ve had to talk a lot about how to love her sister and take care of her, so it always warms my heart when I see big sister sharing with little sister on her own free will.

My oldest has a precious and tender heart. She is quiet and likes to stay to herself. She always wants to please. When I’m frustrated, she calls me out and says, “Mommy, are you talking bad or nice?” I love her and I love watching her grow. I’m so thankful to be this little girl’s mommy.

Second Born

This is my outgoing child. When the oldest wants to stay to herself or is clinging to my leg, this one is begging to run up to the other children and play. It’s all I can do to hang on to her when we see the Chick-fil-A cow! She loves hugs, high-fives, and tickles.

I love to watch her play with baby dolls. She helps them go “night-night”, feeds them breakfast, and gives them love to help them feel better when they are crying. Any time we see a baby in real life, she is fascinated and always wants a crying baby to feel better.


This girl is attached to her sister too. They share a room, and any time I manage to get the younger one out without waking the older one, she automatically starts pointing to the room and asking for her. When I pick her up from her class at church, her very first request is to go find her big sister. I do believe these girls will be inseparable as they get older.

This child is only a year and a half old, but already she has a favorite tv show: Curious George. She will request George by name, and cracks up every time the monkey falls down or does something silly. I love listening to her laugh! She has a contagious joy and brings lots of smiles to my face.

I love that my girls are so different. They will be able to learn a lot about people and how the world works, simply based on the fact that they’ve had to learn how to love each other well. These two are going to make a dynamic duo as they learn and grow together. I am so thankful for these two blessings in my life!

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Thankfulness: My Girls

  1. Amanda, so beautifully written about my loving, lovely grandgirls. I smiled the entire reading of this blog. Also, I didn’t know Edith loved Curious George, he was Eric’s favorite and I still have several of his books and his stuffed Curious George. It seems we always watch Thomas or Black Stallion so I will have to start adding Curious George to my DVR list! You know we love them both so deeply and pray for them always and for you and Eric of course. lol


    1. Big sister usually likes to be in control of the tv watching, but the little one is starting to form her opinion! If you ask her about George, her face will light up :).


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