30 Days of Thankfulness: Pastor Allen & Tina

If I haven’t made it very clear yet, I love my church. I also very much love the people who lead it. It is such a privilege to do life and ministry with people like Pastor Allen and his wife, Tina.

I began attending Daystar Church as a college student. It was a bit of a trek to attend each Sunday as I had to walk 15 minutes to get to my car and then drive another 20 minutes to make it to church. But there was something special about Daystar that made the effort worth it.

Upon visiting, I found that people enjoyed being there. They were friendly and loving, the Worship Pastor was especially friendly (that’s the one I ended up marrying 😉 ), and Pastor Allen would literally cry as he passionately shared the Word of God each Sunday.

It didn’t take too long for me to get plugged in at Daystar. I joined the choir, the dance team, helped renovate buildings, served in the college ministry, led small groups, and welcomed guests on Sunday mornings. The culture at Daystar is so life-giving, I couldn’t help but want to be part of it.

When I began attending, it was a smaller church with under 100 people. Over the years, under the leadership of Pastor Allen, it has grown to 2000 people with multiple campuses across our city. God has been doing big things through Daystar and I love that I’ve had a chance to be part of it.

Pastor Allen & Tina
Pastor Allen & Tina at a banquet honoring the A-Team of Daystar Church.

Pastor Allen and Tina have given their life to serve Daystar, but they have been a big part of my personal life as well. They were present during my courtship with Eric, helped us get married (on a Sunday morning nonetheless!), and have been there to welcome our children into the world. The night before my first baby was born, we were eating dinner at their house!

Any time that I have big questions or things I’m trying to sort through, I know I can call Tina. She is a great friend and confidant who has always made herself available to me. I respect her opinion and admire the way she lives her life. One of the things that I especially like about Tina is her ability to laugh and have fun with her family. I am truly thankful that I can know this amazing woman of God.

Pastor Allen is truly a pastor. He shepherds his congregation, leaders, and staff to follow after God. He is a man of great character and integrity as he simply asks the church to walk in his example of seekingThe King.

I love that Pastor Allen and Tina are real people living their life in pursuit of the Lord. What you see on a Sunday is who they are in real life. It is an honor to call them friends and leaders.

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