30 Days of Thankfulness: Emily & Jamilla

If I could, I would devote an entire blog post to individual people, but there aren’t enough days in the month of November for that! At any rate, I will be making posts specifically for the people in my life who I currently consider to be close friends. Emily and Jamilla are two of those friends.


My friend Emily is such a treasure. We met about 7 years ago when we were in the same small group together. Since then, we have served together at church, worked together as teachers, and made a point of keeping up with each other through the years.

In fact, that is one of my absolute favorite things about Emily; her intentionality. I am usually pretty horrible at making the effort to set up some time to get together with different people. But where I fail, Emily excels.

It was easy to keep up with each other while we were both teaching at the same school. It also helped that we attended church together every week. Then, I quit teaching to have kiddos and the church expanded to have multiple campuses. We simply didn’t see each other as often. I am so thankful that Emily has always made a point to keep up with me and hang out. She has come to my house because it’s easier with kiddos napping. We have gone to kid-friendly places like the Greensboro Science Center and Chick-fil-A because my kiddos would be in tow. Thanks to my husband, we’ve also been able to have time for just us girls for breakfast or shopping.

Celebrating Emily’s birthday just a few weeks ago!

I love time with Emily because she is vulnerable, honest, encouraging, and supportive. I could have added her to my Blog Helpers post because she has been a huge factor in this site. She has proofed posts, listened to me talk about my ideas, helped me sort through some hard topics that I hope to write about in the future, and encouraged me to keep it up. Just this week she sent me a text to encourage me in the 30 day blogging goal.

Emily, your friendship is precious to me and I value our time together! I love that you come hang out with our family even when it means eating questionable dinners. Thank you for being consistent and caring. I love you!


I met Jamilla when she first started attending Daystar about 4 years ago. My husband had managed to remember her name (and pronounce it correctly!) after meeting her one Sunday, so naturally, we ended up grabbing lunch that afternoon as couples.

We ended up bonding because Jamilla and I were both pregnant. I actually hadn’t told anyone about my pregnancy yet, but this girl is a nurse/doula/lactation consultant/midwife in training, so she was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together pretty easily.

Jamilla is a stitch. She makes me laugh about so many things. I love her boldness, her passion, and her heart for helping new mommies. I love to watch her think about things that I’ve said and process them. Sometimes she gives me a smirk that says, “Okay, Amanda. You go ahead and do that.” Other times she inhales deeply while squealing in excitement over something God has been teaching us, or simply because our kiddos are the cutest ever.

Jamilla Family
Love her precious family! This photo is from Mother’s Day at Daystar Church.

Having a friend who knows as much as she does about babies and mommy-hood has been such a blessing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve texted her with questions about little ones. Usually, It goes something like this:

“Jamilla, her mouth is BLEEDING! Why is her mouth bleeding???”
“Have you cut her nails recently?”
“Then she probably nicked the roof of her mouth while sucking her thumb.”
“OH! I won’t call the doctor then.”

Yeah, it’s usually pretty simple. But sometimes we need friends who can answer even the simple questions so that we don’t go crazy. Being a mommy is hard, but having awesome mommy friends helps.

Jamilla, I love you and your friendship! Thank you for being such an awesome mommy friend!

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