30 Days of Thankfulness: Campus Pastors

I love how Daystar Church has transitioned over the years to become a multi-site church. Being multi-site allows us to meet people in their own community. It also helps to create a small church feel while being able to expand and grow so that there is always space for more people to partner together and make an impact for the Kingdom.

Currently, we have 3 locations with 9 different service times. Excitingly, this will be changing a little over the next couple of years as Daystar is able to build permanent locations for our community!

The Campus Pastors are each responsible for the needs of his campus. They facilitate community, get people involved, lead small groups, counsel, perform wedding ceremonies, and make sure things are running smoothly at their respective campuses. At times, they are asked to share the message for Sunday morning. They are vital to Daystar’s mission to do whatever it takes to make Christ followers everywhere.

Pastor Jonathan leads the New Garden Campus. He is married to my dear friend Alexa and they have two young boys about the same age as my girls. Unless I’m floating around with my husband, I attend this campus. The community here is outstanding and the people feel like family.

Pastor Jonathan
Pastor Jonathan during a baptism service.

Our Northern Campus is led by Pastor Jason. He and his wife, Amy, serve their location alongside their four children. Their children are a little older than mine, and I love seeing how they follow after their parents’ footsteps and devote their time on Sunday mornings.

Pastor Jason
Pastor Jason facilitating community at the Northern Campus.

At this time, the Downton Campus is our only permanent facility. Pastor Ian does a fantastic job of leading this campus. His wife, Kristina, is expecting a baby boy next year. Their daughter was born only two days before my youngest. We even have pictures of them together in the hospital! Pastor Ian and Kristina pour their hearts out for their community.

Pastor Ian
Pastor Ian and Kristina worshipping during a revival service.

Pastor David is the pastor of our Spanish Campus, Daystar en Español. This is Daystar’s newest campus and it has been incredible having a way to reach out to the Hispanic community in Greensboro. Until our next permanent facility is ready, the Spanish Campus meets at the Downton location at 2pm every Sunday.

Pastor David
Pastor David sharing God’s Word with Daystar en Español.

To all of our Campus Pastors and your wives, thank you for your service. You give a great deal of time and energy so that people have an opportunity to know what it really means to have a relationship with Christ. We appreciate you and all that you do!

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