30 Days of Thankfulness: Sibling Love

Growing up, I’m not sure that I exactly appreciated my siblings as well as I should have. For instance, there was the time my parents were growing grass as part of an effort to sell their house. The patch of grass was right in the middle of where I wanted to ride my bike. My brother convinced me it was okay to ride through this baby grass that was barely poking through the dirt. Of course I trusted him. He was my brother! Unbeknownst to me, he was waiting for just the right amount of bike tracks before going inside to get me in trouble. I ended up not being able to ride my bike for a week! I think I’m still bitter about that one.

Sibling Love: The Kid
My handsome brother and me. We are pretty smiley here, so I suppose I got over the biking incident after all!

One year, for my sister’s birthday, I was really excited about the present I was going to give her. I talked it up for days. I waited until the middle of her birthday party and went to wrap up my brother in a huge box. This was hilarious to me. I was giggling with excitement, but when she went to open the box, I realized I hadn’t thought the whole thing through. She was going to be disappointed and I didn’t have an actual gift for her. I think I felt so bad I went and gave her one of my favorite toys.

Sibling Love: April
My beautiful sister excited to meet her first niece!

I was the middle child and always slightly jealous of my role in the family. As the oldest, April got to do everything first. She was so cool. She liked sports, she could sing, she even worked at a movie theatre! As the youngest, The Kid (John Daniel, JD, and Uncle D’JoeJoe are amongst his aliases) seemed to be able to get away with everything! He was the one to get tattoos when he went off to college. I thought about getting a tattoo once. You know, one of those tiny ones that no one will ever see, mostly just to say I had one. That’s about as far as it went.

Siblings at Wedding
The three of us at my wedding. Happy memories!

April is a giver. If there is a need, she will be the first one to meet it. She’s the kind of person who will go out of her way to do anything anyone might ask her. She loves with her whole heart and is always thinking of others. She takes her role as aunt very seriously and was the one who first discovered my oldest’s love for horses. If you have April as a friend, you have a gift.

The Kid is adventurous. He loves to explore new places and try new things. He is a musician with a great singing voice. He’s a softie too. For my girls’ birthdays, he researched toys that children their age would like to play with. His searching paid off because they are obsessed over the blow up princess ball pit thing he gave them! He is a likable guy and makes friend easily.

I may not have done such a great job of expressing my gratitude for you as kids, but I am so thankful to have the two of you as my siblings! Love you both!

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