30 Days of Thankfulness: Daystar Administrative Staff

If you didn’t already know, my husband is one of the Pastors at Daystar Church. These guys have a lot of responsibilities spiritually, emotionally, and practically. I know for a fact they could not accomplish as much as they do without the support of the administrative team at Daystar.

These ladies aren’t seen from the stage or the big screen. Instead, Mady, Michelle, and Abi are all behind the scenes making things happen.

For instance, one of the responsibilities of the administrative staff is ordering materials. When the church needs supplies for Growth Track, refills on pens, or additional New Believer Packets, these women are on task. They do an amazing job of managing bills and processing receipts for purchases.

Let’s say a guest speaker is coming to share at Daystar. Or maybe our church is sending a group somewhere. Think conferences, retreats, and missions work. The ladies of the administrative staff are putting the details together. They book flights, hotels, and make arrangements as necessary.

Administrative Staff: Abi and Mady
Abi is in the middle and Mady is on the right. These ladies know how to have fun doing what they do!
Administrative Staff: Michelle
Michelle and her husband when Daystar hosted a 20’s themed gala to honor our A-Team!
Administrative Staff: Mady
Mady is so excited to serve at one of Daystar’s revivals!

Have you ever been to a prayer event? A revival meeting? A marriage conference? Perhaps a LIFE retreat? No doubt, these women have had their hand in the planning of these events. When you go, look around at the special events hosted at Daystar and you are sure to find their smiling faces setting up and serving guests.

I know for a fact I haven’t covered everything they do. The truth is, Daystar Church would not be able to have the impact it does without the work of the administrative staff. They play a huge role in the effectiveness of this ministry and I am forever grateful for them.

Mady, Michelle, and Abi, Thank you for your dedication and heart. You have made working in the ministry more than just a job – it is a passion. We love you and love having you on our team!

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