30 Days of Thankfulness: Children’s Check-In Team

I recently realized that November was coming upon us. It seems so soon! One of my favorite things about November is Thanksgiving. I love that we have a holiday designated to appreciate all the things in our life that have shaped us; big or small. So, in honor of this season of gratitude, I will attempt (keyword: attempt. Life happens!) to blog every day about people in my life for whom I am thankful.

I give you… 30 Days of Thankfulness: People Edition.

I have a list of people. I have not written my posts in advance. This is a little intimidating for me because I like to read over them a million times before they actually get posted. My plan is to daily choose some people who I would like to thank and go from there. Sometimes I might pull names out of a hat, and sometimes I might choose based on the relevancy for the day.

Today, I would like to begin with a group of people who I will be serving alongside all morning.

On the first and third Sundays of each month, I get the pleasure and honor of spending time at Daystar Church’s New Garden Campus with the ladies of the Children’s Check-In Team.

Check-In Team
Four members of our team! Left to right: Kasey, Sissy, myself, and Kat! This picture was taken during Daystar’s “At the Movies” series.
Children's Check-In
Another fabulous member of our team is TC! I definitely swiped both of these photos from Daystar Church’s Facebook page :).

Our responsibilities are simple, but with a smile and a warm “hello” we have the opportunity to share a little of God’s love. These ladies are fabulous at it! Our task usually involves racing to see who can be the first one to remember names. There is a simple joy in having printed the tags in advance so that families can seamlessly walk their children into class.

Ladies, it is such a pleasure to serve with each one of you!

Kat, you are an excellent servant and leader. You put your heart into everything you do, and people in your realm of influence are all the better for it. We have served together on and off for…7 years now? I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute together. I am thankful to know you and love your passion for Christ!

Kasey, you are a joy! I love laughing with you on Sunday mornings. Whether we talk about our children, clothes, or projects, we have a good time. You do a lot for many people and your sacrifices will not go unnoticed. Thank you for being real and sharing a piece of your life with me!

Sissy, how neat is it that we are together again?! We worked together for a couple of years, and somehow have managed to find ourselves not only at the same church, but the same service team as well! You are such a great mom and I love listening to you share your adoption story. Thank you for your openness as we connect on Sunday mornings!

TC, you are the newest addition to our Children’s Check-In group, and I love having you on our team. You have jumped right in to serving at Daystar and I think that says a great deal about your character. I so enjoy swapping stories with you on Sundays and I look forward to many more! Thank you for your dedication to the Kingdom!

As a team, we have laughed and cried together. We have welcomed numerous guests to our church, and have been part of many coming to know Jesus for the first time. I am so thankful for each one of you!

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