Waiting for our Groom

Bride & Groom
All photos in this post by Alexa’s Photography.

I love weddings. They are such a beautiful picture of the covenant we have in Christ. They are a joyful time of celebration as two people dedicate the rest of their lives to serving one another. I love how beautiful the bride is as she presents herself to her groom. I love how overcome by emotion the groom always is as he sees his bride for the first time. I love the thought, the detail, the community, and yes, even the cake, that are present at weddings.

As a pastor’s wife, I get invited to a lot of weddings. This year, by the end of October, I will have attended 7 weddings. 3 of those my husband will have officiated, and for 1 of them my 3 year old daughter was a flower girl. For 2 of those weddings, my husband and I invited the couple over for a series of dinners so we could discuss the pre-marriage curriculum our church offers.

I think it’s safe to say that weddings have been on my brain lately.

So one day, as I was driving, I was listening to the radio and was suddenly struck by the words of Kristian Stanfill’s song, “Even So Come.” I had heard it plenty of times before, but this time I really focused on the chorus:

Like a bride waiting for her groom
We’ll be a Church ready for You
Every heart longing for our King
We sing
Even so come
Lord Jesus, come

The song speaks of the return of Jesus and how as Christians we should look forward to that day. I am truly eager for this day to come so I can be in the physical presence of Christ. While a wedding is typically filled with joy, how much greater that joy will be when we are at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb!

There are so many things I love about this song, but mostly, I keep coming back to the phrase, “Like a bride…”

We are called to wait for the return of our King like a bride preparing to meet her groom on her wedding day.

What does that look like?

A bride spends time making herself beautiful. She puts on makeup. She fixes her hair in an elaborate up-do. She puts on a white gown that will make the crowd, and specifically her groom, gasp. She has taken extra effort into making all the details perfect. Nothing is out of place.

Then, the time comes. The music is playing and the doors are about to open. The bridegroom is eagerly waiting at the end of the aisle for that first glimpse of his bride. In just a matter of moments the couple will pledge themselves to one another for a lifetime. All of the preparations are for THIS moment.

We are so close to being united with Christ forever. The moment is almost here. Our preparations will not go unnoticed the day our eyes meet His. Let’s not grow weary in our pursuit of the Kingdom and striving to complete His work on earth.

What are some ways that you are preparing to meet The King?

“Then I heard again what sounded like the shout of a vast crowd or the roar of mighty ocean waves or the crash of loud thunder:

‘Praise the LORD!
For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns.
Let us be glad and rejoice,
and let us give honor to him.
For the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb,
and his bride has prepared herself.
She has been given the finest of pure white linen to wear.’
For the fine linen represents the good deeds of God’s holy people.

And the angel said to me, ‘Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb.’ And he added, ‘These are true words that come from God.’” (Revelation 19:6-9; NLT)

One thought on “Waiting for our Groom

  1. What a beautiful description of a very special day for all believers. I have said many times recently that Christ is calling his one church of believers to come united in preparation for his second coming to meet his bride! This is a perfect reminder of that day which is quickly coming! Rejoice all believers!!!!


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