The Story of Us

I love this picture from Alexa’s Photography! This was taken about 2 1/2 years after Eric and I were married.

Approximately eight years ago, I walked down the aisle to marry my husband. Apart from my relationship with Christ, this has been the best decision I have ever made. Here is a little trip down memory lane…

I came to Greensboro as a college freshman, eager to dive into a local church and college ministry. Eventually, I landed at Daystar Church. At the time, it was a very small church with under 100 people, but I was drawn to the warmth and passion for God that I found from the leadership.

One such leader was a young man by the name of Eric. He was the worship leader and it was obvious that he had a close, personal relationship with God. He exuded humility and strength. Plus, he was pretty cute. But he was a Pastor. It seemed weird to have a crush on a Pastor, so I attempted to put it out of my head.

My Dad predicted the relationship early on. He took this picture during a visit and then sent it to me with the label “someweirdguy.”

Turns out this Pastor thought I was kinda cute too, so his first move to get to know me was to invite me to join the choir that was getting started. Now, for those of you who know me, this is kind of a ridiculous request as I do not sing. I insisted as such, but somehow he managed to convince me to at least attend the interest meeting.

Well, I joined the choir. I later started up a dance team with a friend of mine. I also volunteered to help out when the church was doing renovations. Eric and I worked alongside each other as we both pursued God and fought for His kingdom.

The day he had me hooked was the day he “fixed” my flat tire. Turns out the hole was too big, so he bought me a new tire while trying to pass it off as a repair. I may still have the nail that created the leak.

The earliest picture I could find of the two of us together. This was taken at a Christmas party a couple months after our initial “talk”.

I kept trying to talk myself out of having a crush on Eric, but it wasn’t going so well. My dad picked up on what was going on in my heart, and even seemed to encourage the idea of a relationship between us. My dad’s opinion has always meant the world to me.

Just when I thought I had overcome my feelings, Eric acknowledged his feelings toward me. At the start of my Junior year, he asked me out.

Or maybe that’s a lie.

What really happened is that he asked me to start talking with him to see if our relationship could potentially lead toward marriage. My heart soared. You guys, everything that he spoke about that day was everything that my heart had desired. I had never dated anyone and had no intentions of doing so unless I knew that person as a friend first. I wasn’t interested in getting into a relationship just to get my heart broken.

For one of our first official “dates” we went on a double date to a NASCAR race!

I knew God was fulfilling the desires of my heart. On that day, the day our relationship officially “began,” Eric shared his heart:

  • He read 1 Peter 3:4 to me, “You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.” He said he saw this in me.
  • He asked me to read Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot because he admired the way the Elliots had walked out their courtship.
  • He said he wanted to protect our hearts, and as such, wanted to establish guidelines within our relationship. We would hang out in groups and talk on the phone, but we would refrain from being alone or even holding hands for a year.

I think I managed to say something like, “me too.”

At a wedding just two months before our own engagement.

With encouragement and full support from our family, mentors, and friends, we continued to pursue the relationship. The year mark was shortened to 9 months and about 9 months after that we became engaged. 3 months later we were married. (On Father’s day nonetheless! “Daddy, on Father’s Day, I want you to give me away to a boy.” What a thoughtful daughter I am!)

Eric and I have now been married for 8 years. We have had the great pleasure of being part of a growing church and a healthy community. We have experienced challenging days and rewarding days. We are not the same people we were the day we said, “I do,” but we are better and stronger.

Wedding 041
Wedding Day! Too happy to notice the power lines and rusted metal in the background of most of our pictures.

I am so thankful for this man and the way he has lead our relationship. It gives me great delight to say that I have never once doubted that God designed for us to be together. We make a great team and it is such an honor and joy to be his wife.

I love you, hubby!

8 years and two little girls later. I love this family of mine! (Have you noticed that I also love Alexa’s Photography?)

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4; NIV)

21 thoughts on “The Story of Us

  1. What a beautiful story of God’s design for marriage. I started praying for Eric’s partner from the time he was born. Parents pray for your children’s mates that they experience happiness in God’s design for love and marriage. It warms my heart to witness the joy you both have in Christ and each other and also the two beautiful grandgirls you have blessed us with. Love you! Mom


  2. Aww … This is such a walk down memory lane! 🙂 I remember when you were first telling me about “there’s the boy — well, actually he’s a Man” and then as you started dating and then the engagement … Ah!!! 😀 So much happiness over the years (also, how did we get so old? 😉 ) Love this flashback/reminder 🙂 And love you! ❤


    1. Oh the memories! And you hosted such a sweet shower for me. One of my most used wedding gifts is the cookie scooper you gave us! That thing rocks :). Love you too!


  3. So sweet. I remember when I first found out you were dating; I thought that was weird! Ha! Like a pastor can’t date! I immediately corrected myself and hoped you the best.

    A few details from your wedding: our small group was there to help out. We set up chairs outside on the lawn that Sunday morning. Eric said his mom needed to be getting ready but wouldn’t stop what she was doing so I walked over to take over for her. As I went I realized I didn’t know her name; oh duh! Mrs freeman! I brought a change of clothes because even though this is Daystar it’s also a wedding and I was sweaty from working. But a forgot my jean skort! I was embarrassed to wear jean shorts to a wedding!
    Eric never took off his tux jacket! The whole thousand degree time!!! I figured he’d at least take it off during the sermon. And lastly we got sun burned on our right sides!


    1. Oh man, the wedding deserves a post all of its own! Maybe I can write about that next year! You guys rocked it though. I’m not sure how everything would have come together without the help of our small group and so many others!


  4. This was a wonderful and inspiring story and I am glad it is yours to tell. Many people can tell a story of love and blessing, but yours reaches to the higher place that demonstrates how, putting God first, you honor each other, you honor your family and you honor God. Most marriages start backwards, wirh ourselves, and sruggle to fit God into it. I pray your story brings guidance to those who are seeking it. Thank you for sharing your story and for your ministry to others.


  5. What a wonderful, encouraging story. I love that God was at the heart of your relationship from the start. I have the utmost respect for the two of you and I just love that from the very beginning your marriage was centered on Christ!!


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